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FMgoesDigi – Digitalisation of service processes in Facility Management

Challenges for European universities and companies regarding digital education and scientific exchange

Today´s industrial world focusses on the digital transformation – not only in a national context but also in respect of an international applicability/transferability. Whereas companies and organizations focus on the digitalisation of their core business processes, the discipline of Facility Management has to mirror digitalisation into the area of support processes/facility service processes. Current studies revealed, that digitized facility service provision is largely able to generate added value as it supports the recipient to implement optimized processes as well.

From an European perspective, different levels of development in the digitalisation of facility service provision may hamper the transferability of solutions in digitalisation in the field of FM. In this context, universities try to answer the question how to educate the Facility Management Professionals of tomorrow, to meet the upcoming demands of internationalisation and digitalisation in the field of Facility Management.

Project´s tasks/aims

  • Publishing a study on trends and status of digitalisation in Facility Management (in the countries represented in the project) and their impact on future qualifications and skills of Facility Management Professionals
  • Creating a new curricular for digitalisation of services processes in Facility Management
  • Development of training workshops for professors and academic staff to integrate digital methods in their lectures and to include the new curricular
  • Implementation of new teaching and learning materials
  • Dissemination of the new curricular throughout the member universities within national and international FM industry networks/associations
  • Organising students´events, like Hackathon, summer school, long distance courses, exchanges to use the new curricular and the digital methods

Project´s focus

  • Inforce international exchange to develop European digital solutions in the context of an increasing competition
  • Enlarge the use of digital learning methods in workshops and encourages professors to use them during their lectures
  • Develop new concepts on the digitalization of service process management in FM and transfer it to other branches in context of the European environment aims.

How can you benefit?

  • Support our surveys and benefit from our research results, based on a sound data basis
  • Discuss with us at different occasions (membership and network group meetings, regional FMgoesDigi conferences, virtual conferences etc) and share your views, experiences or findings with us
  • Contribute to development processes for academic curricular and gain insight in new contents and test teaching and learning materials
  • … more to come!!!

Project team

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