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Industrial Engineering - International Business and Management

The Industrial Engineering - International Business and Management degree programme combines technology, digitalisation and internationalisation. Students are thus taught a broad range of knowledge that offers versatile opportunities in an international working environment.

Facts about Business Administration and Engineering - International Business and Management

The Bachelor program in Industrial Engineering offers – within three years - numerous lectures that prepare for work in a technical and international environment. In addition to the technical basics, knowledge is included in order to be able to manage and supervise international projects. Conducting negotiations in international technical sales or purchasing, as well as managing the ordering or delivery of products from all over the world, is also part of the everyday work of industrial engineers. Of course, topics such as social media, ecommerce, artificial intelligence, digital processes and sustainability also play a decisive role in all specialist areas.

The Industrial Engineering course is ideal for students who want to work in a global environment and see themselves as all-rounders with technical and mathematical skills.If you also like to organize and you are interested in communicating and networking with people and departments in companies, the course is a perfect match for you.

In addition to the basics of industrial engineering, the program focus also includes the subject areas of international logistics, international technical purchasing and sales, international project management, international private law and global standards, global production and sales network management. (Attached find an overview of all modules taught within the three years program).

Thanks to the dual study model, students switch regularly between the university and the company to gain work experience during their studies. Financial independence, secure opportunities within the job market are guaranteed. In addition to learning specialist knowledge in small groups, there is also an exchange with other students and organizations from all over the world. Joint projects and simulation games are parts of the lessons as well. Experts from all over the world share their knowledge on specific topics and cultural differences. We actively support a theory semester at one of our partner universities abroad. The dual partners also offer the opportunity to experience practical work abroad. The program always starts with a practical phase in the company in September or October once a year.

The theoretical and practical specialist knowledge acquired in this diverse course of study enables you to take on demanding tasks and positions in the company immediately after graduation. Graduates can work in a wide variety of departments. These include sales, purchasing, project management, marketing, product management and controlling, but also personnel management and logistics. Many former students have a career in leadership or management positions in various organizations. Furthermore, it is also possible to proceed with a master`s program and a PHD.

In order to study Industrial Engineering at the DHBW Horb campus, you first need a study contract with a dual partner. Prospective students apply directly to one of our numerous partner companies.


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A degree programme for all-rounders - International Business and Management combines technology, digitalisation and internationalisation.