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School of Business and Health

The business-related study programmes at DHBW Stuttgart aim to qualify young up-and-coming managers to be able to recognise problem situations, develop suitable solutions and implement them effectively in practice.

The career-integrated degree programmes offer an excellent basis for gaining the high level of employability needed for rapid professional success.

Knowledge is transferred in the predominantly industry-based courses through lectures, practical exercises and seminars in General and Specific Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Law, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Studies. Important parallel cross-disciplinary skills can be gained by complementary courses, like foreign languages, communication and debating courses, simulations, case studies and field trips.

Undergraduate Study Programmes at DHBW Stuttgart

Please note: Detailed information on the study programmes is currently only available in German.

School of Health Sciences and Management

The healthcare sector is very dynamic, as it shows the highest growth rate compared to other industries. Achieving a balance between high patient-centered quality of care and economic efficiency is a constant challenge for all players in the healthcare industry. This leads to a huge demand for academically qualified healthcare professionals in the entire healthcare sector.

It is the purpose of the Department of Health Sciences and Management to meet said demand by offering specific undergraduate programs, such as healthcare management, applied health sciences, nursing sciences and midwifery sciences.

In the course of their studies, students are introduced to best practice examples in their subject, and are trained in academic problem-solving skills. Thereby, they gain conceptual, methodological and evidence-based insights into their field of study. In addition to professional and methodological competencies, the curriculum also focuses on the development of interpersonal skills.

Academically qualified graduates of healthcare programs typically have increased career opportunities and are highly sought-after on the job market.

Undergraduate Study Programmes at DHBW Stuttgart

  • Applied health sciences
  • Nursing sciences
  • Midwifery sciences
  • Healthcare management