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Corporate Partners

Close Cooperation

The close cooperation between the university and selected enterprises and institutions, our corporate partners, is one of the central features of the dual study concept at DHBW Stuttgart. Nationwide around 2,000 businesses as well as social and public institutions trust our curriculum. They include small and medium-sized companies, global players and social institutions from all sectors.

The training companies, as dual study partners, are members of DHBW and take on a large role in the curriculum. They personally select their students, pay for the practical training, support the professional advancement process of the students and participate in the desired and potential breadth of their training. The cooperation is shaped by tolerance, fairness and openness. There is close coordination and communication between the university and the corporate partners in all areas and at all levels.

Theoretical content and practical working experience are closely coordinated. Current developments in business, engineering and society are incorporated in the curricula. The work performed during the practical phases represents an integral part of the programmes, which is why all programmes at DHBW Stuttgart are recognized as intensive programmes with 210 ECTS points.