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Becoming a Corporate Partner

The particular success of DHBW is due to the close cooperation between the university and its corporate partners. To ensure that the quality goals can be guaranteed for studying at university level, the university evaluates the professional qualifications of interested companies and institutions.

Companies and social institutions that wish to cooperate with DHBW in the education of their up-and-coming talent need to meet certain requirements to ensure the quality of career-integrated studies in the work placement phases. These include requirements with regard to the personnel and business resources of a company or the capacity to provide the support and mentoring which they need to offer to their students. Also, the style and extent of production, range of services and/or the manufacturing and business processes need to fit into the prescribed curriculum.

Admission Process

Acceptance as a corporate partner requires admission to DHBW Stuttgart and approval by the University Council.

If you want to become a corporate partner of DHBW Stuttgart please contact the Head of Department of the study programme in which you are interested. He or she will advise you on all parts of the process including the personnel and technical requirements and the organisation and realisation of studies.

We would be more than happy to provide you with information and advice should you be interested in a partnership with DHBW Stuttgart. DHBW Stuttgart offers study programmes in the fields of business, engineering, social work and health care.