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Cooperative Research – Successful Innovations


In accordance with the principle of duality and cooperation, research at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart is conducted in an application-based and transfer-orientated manner, predominantly in conjunction with the corporate partners and with other companies in the region, universities and research institutions.

It is conducted in different organisational models, from publicly funded cooperation projects to contract research projects and cooperative scientific research and student research. Cooperative research thus contributes to the acquisition of knowledge and to improved teaching and, at the same time, offers application-based added-value for partners.

Cooperative Research DHBW Stuttgart

Cooperative research

  • reflects the professional and technical conditions in business, engineering and social work
  • develops innovative concepts, strategies and technologies
  • involves application-based and transfer-orientated activities

The three schools within the DHBW Stuttgart have formulated their scientific work and established their own areas of research focus according to their respective research interests: