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Stuttgart Campus Horb
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School of Social Work

Social work deals with overcoming social problems and difficult situations with individuals, groups and communities, the causes of which can be of an interpersonal, economic, psychological, health or educational nature. The task of social work is to advise, manage, intervene, mobilise and represent in precarious life situations. Students at the School of Social Work at DHBW Stuttgart acquire appropriate cognitive, methodological and socio-ethical skills to understand complex problem situations and contribute professionally to their solution.

The course, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts, is a generalist study programme of social work. Following graduation, students acquire state recognition as a Social Educationalist / Social Worker. Social Science (Theory and Methods), as well as the associated sciences integrated in Social Science (Legal Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Social Management, Social Information Technology etc.) are taught in 24 modules.

Undergraduate Study Programme at DHBW Stuttgart

  • Work, Integration and Social Security
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Youth, Family and Social Welfare Services
  • Social Work with Children and Young People
  • Social Work in Healthcare
  • Social Work: Early Years and Primary Education
  • Social Work: Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation
  • Forensic Social work