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Information for International Lecturers and Students

A warm welcome to all of you who want to study or teach in the banking program of DHBW Stuttgart!

In the near future, you will find more and more information in English on this page. Please be patient as not all sections have been filled yet properly. We are updating this page continuously. Thank you!

German Students, who want to go abroad, please check the menu item "Auslandssemester" instead of this page.



The curriculum in English is a work-in-progress and not yet finalized. Nevertheless, it should give you a sufficient overview to make informed decisions what to choose (as a student) or to teach (as a lecturer).


Semester Schedules

Schedules are sorted according to vintage. So, a 2022 schedule is for students that started studying in 2022. Depending on the semester you are teaching or studying in, you will see students from a different vintage. There is no mix-and-match at DHBW as in a typical university, since our study program is highly structured to guarantee graduation in three years.


Information for Lecturers